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The Nano keratin System is the most innovative and progressive hair straightening and repair method in the world. The name Nanokeratin stems from the term “nano-molecules of keratin”. A nano-molecule is 0.000000001 of the size of a regular molecule, thus allowing it to penetrate the smallest fissures in the client’s hair and fill them with keratin (the substance that makes hair strong, shiny and soft). As a result of the process, hair becomes smooth, healthy and full of shine.

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Step by Step

Step 1
Prepare the Client for Shampoo. Shampoo hair with Nanokeratin shampoo number 1 to add volume and remove any residue from the hair and roots. Do not use conditioner. If roots have never gone through any chemical treatment shampoo three more times with shampoo number 1. Then blow dry hair, without combing or brushing it, until completely dry.

Step 2
Put on gloves. Shake bottle number 2 well and pour 30-50 grams of the Nanokeratin product into a bowl. Divide hair into four sections. Release the top section and spread the Nanokeratin System product with a silicon brush. Keep the brush away from the nape of the neck and avoid any contact with skin or eyes. Spread at a distance of 1.5 cms from the scalp then comb hair downward with a fine-toothed comb. Proceed with the process on the other sections of hair in the same manner.

Step 3
Wait 30-40 minutes, then blow dry hair using a flat, square brush. Begin at the nape of the neck, drying hair from the bottom up, move to the sides of the head and finish with the front section. There is no need to concentrate on straightening the hair at this point, rather just on getting it 100% dry.

Step 4
Divide hair into four sections once again. Begin at the nape of the neck and work with bundles of hair measuring 2.5 cms each. Treat each bundle with the revolutionary nano-technology based hair straightening iron, the Titanium ES2400T. The titanium straightening iron allows the nanokeratin to penetrate each strand of hair, making it smooth, healthy and shiny. Once the current bundle is shiny and smooth, proceed to the next bundle.

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