Best Hair Products in Malta

  • Our continuous strive for perfection means that we use the latest and best products in our salon, for results that last longer.



  • Uninhibited hair. The new being sexy collection features new products which deliver volumptuous volume, tousled texture and seductive shine. Now available in Malta thanks to Rusk and Curls Hair Studio

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Frizz Free in 30 minutes

A New Spa Keratin Treatment from NanokeratinSystem that repairs Damage and removes frizz hair now on the Market,,,With NO heat required and ready in just 30 mins!!! Yes 30 mins.

Nanokeratin Hair Power Pure Keratin Hair Spa

  • Intense reconstruction of hair strands through keratin
  • Repairs fissures in hair strands after coloring and highlighting
  • Completely repairs hair

Coats hair with keratin, renews hair and gives it a shiny, flexible look. Comes in the form of a plastic vial containing 3 ml. of the product. The Nanokeratin Hair Spa Keratin inside is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted in hot water.

Waterfront Hotel in Gzira

Our Sister Salon at The Waterfront Hotel Gzira will open from the 5th June... opening times will be announced later.