• Now in Malta. More cost-effective, hygienic and eco-friendly than cotton towels


Straight Hair

  • The ultimate solution for the modern woman. In today‚Äôs world, we are surrounded by elements that are harmful to our hair. Nanokeratin System solves that concern and makes your hair smooth, healthy and full of shine.



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Welcome to Curls Hair Studio

Welcome to the new internet portal for hair and more
Curls Hair Studio is one of Malta's most stylish and glamorous hair studios. You will not only wear the latest fashion and trends but the atmosphere at the salon is simply irresestible.

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The latest news is the new and revolutionary NanoKerating Straightening Treatment. Click on products to get more information.

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CHS Hairdressing Training and Consultancy

A new page that focuses on giving you more information about our training and consultancy. We are Habia certified and use the latest technology and techniques to deliver the best training and consultancy in the Maltese islands.

Habia is the government appointed standards setting body for hair, beauty, nails, spa therapy, barbering and African type hair, and creates the standards that form the basis of all qualifications including NVQs, SVQs, Apprenticeships, Diplomas and Foundation degrees, as well as industry codes of practice.

Being Habia certified we guarantee that our consultancy and training is in regulation with all the laws and regulations of the country. Click here for more information